60 days and counting…

With some secondhand motivation from a Facebook friend, I have now been alcohol-free for 60 days. This is a streak that I intend to keep intact for as long as I can.

I should say that I am not an alcoholic, although I’m sure that’s what most alcoholics would say. I have never been a “day drinker” (well, the obvious exemption for college is in order here), and I don’t *feel* like I have a physiological addiction to alcohol. But, I know that the mental addiction is there. As much as I don’t like to admit it, I must confess that while getting my girls through their “bedtime routine”, my mind would certainly be looking ahead to that first delicious IPA, or that soothing first sip of whiskey.

Simply put, at 42 years old, I can no longer handle the negative effects of alcohol. The physical toll that booze brings to my body has become such that I simply need to go in the opposite direction. I was feeling constantly fatigued, sleeping poorly, and just being a bit of a grump.

As a father of two young kids, I am committed to doing my best to live a longer and healthier life. As a husband, I owe it to my wife to be the best person I can be. While I’m certainly doing this for myself as well, the positive impact for my family will be worth 100 times the enjoyment I get from a little buzz.

I’m not here to be all preachy, and I certainly won’t become “that guy” to all of my friends who do drink. Trust me. No one likes that guy. But for me, I now have to view alcohol as a poison that will ruin my body, and I can’t justify any good reason to harm myself any longer.

Much like when I quit smoking cigarettes 10+ years ago, I have to stop “cold turkey” in order to succeed. I know that I am not very good at “just one drink”. Therefore, it’s all-in for me. There is always a chance that I might slip, but I’m going to do my best not to fail.

I don’t intend this post to be some “holier than thou” proclamation. But in sharing this publicly, I hope that this will help someone else who might be in a similar situation. When my FB friend shared her story, it rang true for me, and served as the push that I needed to face my own situation. They were the right words at the right time.

I know that Facebook can be a mess of political posts, food pictures, and silly cat videos. I’m hoping that with this post, maybe just one of you might be inspired to make a change for the better. Maybe it isn’t alcohol, but maybe it is cigarettes, or soft drinks, or a lack of motivation to exercise. Whatever it is, please feel free to reach out to me if you want some help or just some motivation. I’m still working on this, and while it gets easier every day, it’s always there.


Leaving MARS…

Since joining Ryan back in May of 2014, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to review iOS music apps for the iOS MARS website. During that time, I’ve been able to review more apps than I know what to do with.

But, life sometimes moves us in different directions. Due to some recent changes in my life (some good, some bad), I have not had the time to dedicate to writing reviews for the site. As I do not foresee this changing any time soon, I have made the decision to step away from the site.

Over the past 20 months, it has my privilege to get to know many of the iOS developers and musicians in the community. The iOS community is a strong one, with some very dedicated people creating marvelous things. The iOS developers, in particular, are almost universally fantastic individuals. Their creativity and dedication to a still-emerging market has been tremendous.

Since I saw the first demos of GarageBand, I knew that I needed to start making music on an iPad. I was a guitarist looking for a way to record some tracks. Little did I know at the time what this would become. Now, I have sophisticated DAW’s, iconic synths, drum machines, exotic instruments that I’d never be able to own, and so much more. We are all very fortunate to be living right now.

So, in closing, I’d like to thank everyone in the community who has helped support me and the iOS MARS site. It’s been a great ride. I’ll still be around, lurking on the Audiobus forum or in the iPad Musician Facebook group.


Sean Garland